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These handy magnetic Filter make clean up a snap! Pick up debris, small ferrous parts, metal shavings, chips, or just anything magnetic - a real time saver for workshop and machines cleaning. They have stainless steel tubes with strong Neodymium magnets inside and handle is black plastic. Pull the plunger to release the held material and it is easy to use. The diameter we make now is from 20 to 30mm and the length is from 300 to 60.

1 Sinter NdFeB patent
2 Competitive price
3 Disc shape
4 Rare earth Magnetic filter

1.The third-generation rare earth magnets--NdFeB permanent magnets and related products have the highest performance and strongest magnetic force.
2. It is widely used in aviation, electronics, electrical, instrumentation, medical and other fields with various shape: disc, cylinder, ring, block, round, rod, stript,and other irregular shape.
3. Support varies of transportation and form of payment for customers' need.
4. Strong rare earth Permanent Magnetic filter manufacture and export with competitive price and good quality.

Magnetic filters have following features:
1.The magnetic filters can be installed easily in fluid flow line.
2.They give complete magnetic protection by attracting iron particles over the magnet surface by trapping particles as fine as 10 micron.
3.The magnets are installed in polished condition for life of the rods and ease of cleaning
4.For different flow rates the magnetic filters of different sizes are available.
5.High Intensity Rear Earth Magnets or Low Intensity St. Ferrite Magnets are used depending upon the users requirement.

NdFeB Magnetic Filter

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