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Thank you for choosing Ningbo Bei Ke Magnetic Material Co., Ltd. For the past 8 years we've been dedicated to being "your magnet solution source". From our ever-expanding product line, to the best service in the industry, we are here for you, I guarantee it!" - Bruce Shao, Founder

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  • Oil Filter Magnetic Rod Need Regular Cleaning

    [ Aug 15, 2020 ]
    The relatively large impurities in mechanical turbine oil can be filtered by the oil-filter screen, but there still remain some impurities smaller than ten microns, which can pass through many layers of the oil strainer into the inner bearing and regulating system, make the bearing wear, also can let the regulating system becomes blocked, which is likely to result in bearing damage, and even make ...
  • The Magnetic Rod Used In Food Industry

    [ Aug 15, 2020 ]
    Generally the magnetic rod is mainly used to filter various small powder or liquid, and it can take away the iron and magnetic impurities in liquids. The nature of this determines that it can be widely used in the food industry, where the products require fine processing and refinement.A good quality rod can reach a state that the magnetic induction lines distribute averagely in the space, and ind...
  • Why There Is Magnetic Ball Rubik Cube

    [ Aug 15, 2020 ]
    Believe that people must play Rubik's cube, which is a great test of people's endurance and mental ability. Many people enjoy playing rubik's cube for all their life, taking it as a kind of perfect enjoyment. In the historical development of the Rubik's cube, we are sure not to ignore a kind of magnetic toys, the magnetic ball Rubik's cube.The main material of magnetic ball rubik's cube is the rar...
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